Modern Conflict Management, LLC empowers clients with the knowledge and skills to align their actions with their values and goals.

We are dedicated to providing clients with conflict management knowledge and skills to build healthier relationships with others and improve their careers.  


MCM is founded on values of honesty, confidentiality, dependability, and direct communication. When you work with MCM, you receive cutting edge knowledge and skills, honest and direct feedback, and the highest quality in coaching, consulting, and mediation services with the safety of confidentiality. 

 MCM is an inclusive business. We accept clients from all walks of life, regardless of color, creed, religious affiliation, sexuality or gender identity/expression, or nationality. We are an LGBTQ' affirming business.

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Dr. Amanda J. Reinke is a registered mediator, trained and certified financial and conflict coach, and holds a PhD in Anthropology with certification in Disasters, Displacement, and Human Rights. Amanda teaches conflict management and negotiation at Kennesaw State University and has worked internationally and domestically on a variety of disputes. Her research agenda is active and she regularly publishes and presents at high-quality international venues. Amanda is a member of the Stonewall Bar Association of Georgia and Mediators Beyond Borders International.

"My approach requires clients to take ownership of their conflict: they must be willing to do the hard work it will take to resolve their conflict. Coaching is a collaborative effort between the coach and client(s). If you are committed to making changes in an effort to improving your situation, then we can work together. If you are seeking resolution to some of the challenges in your life, then we can work together. Are you ready to take control of your conflicts?"