Self-quarantining, homeschooling and childcare, work, household responsibilities, financial hardship. The list of problems created by COVID-19 seems to just keep going. As we make massive personal and professional changes during these stressful and difficult times, conflict and frustration with our loved ones can easily escalate.

MCM is offering a free one-hour (1 hour) facilitation of difficult conversations for folks and loved ones who are sheltering together during COVID-19 (LGBTQ' and non-normative relationship affirming). As a facilitator, MCM promotes conversation directed towards reducing current conflict and helping to prevent future conflict. 

Some examples of issues for facilitation:

  • Romantic partner disputes (LGBTQ' and non-normative partnerships affirming)

  • Financial conflicts and tensions within families, households, or between housemates

  • Developing norms about shared spaces

  • Developing response and safety plans for your household during COVID-19


Facilitation is best conducted by video conference. MCM is currently using Skype. Facilitation by phone is available to those without regular or stable internet access. 


Fill out the contact form below or call us at (404) 910-3828 (google voice number) and we will respond as soon as possible.

Amanda Reinke has put together a document of resources for folks living in and around the Cobb County area that are affected by COVID-19. This is a freely accessible, non-exhaustive publicly-available list. 

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