financial coaching

Through financial coaching, you will:

  • Create a road map to help you reach your goals.

  • Receive objective, forthright, and confidential guidance.

  • Receive quality feedback on your budget, savings plans, and financial goals from a trained professional.

  • Have a level of accountability that is often difficult to achieve on your own.

  • Gain new insights and different perspectives on your financial challenges.

If you are in conflict with your money, whether it's budgeting challenges, debt, saving for your future, or all of the above, then financial coaching can help. When you work with MCM as our client, you start by outlining your values and goals as well as your financial behaviors. These become the foundation of understanding not only where you are, but how we can work together to support sound financial decisions that suit your needs, values, and goals. 

Financial coaching is one or more one-on-one sessions where you gain perspective and skills in managing your money. MCM helps clients take a hard look at their financial standing, develop clarity on their strengths and challenges, make high-quality financial decisions and action plans for current and future financial management. Clients will have tasks to implement and goals to reach in order to make a difference in their lives. 

The Quick Fix

Need answers to a few questions, or help with a specific problem? Or maybe you're just not ready to commit to the multi-consultation plan. Book one coaching session at a time. New clients receive a free 15 minute initial assessment to ensure our services could meet your needs.


The Jump Starter

Best for clients who want to jump start their finances. Includes:

  • Initial 15 minutes assessment for new clients

  • Four (4) 1-hour coaching sessions

  • Personalized financial plan

  • Financial literacy resources


If you're looking for a fast and easy solution to your financial woes, then financial coaching is not for you. But if you're ready to get serious about your finances, then financial coaching may be just what you need. MCM is happy to work with all folks, no matter your age, marital status, sexuality or gender, and no matter the size of your debt or paycheck. 

We can't fix the market or structural inequality. We can't start you off on the same level that other folks might start off with. But we can provide the skills development and habits that will help you start aligning your spending with your values and forming new habits. We acknowledge and affirm the inequalities that exist in our world, but will support you in reaching your highest potential wherever you're starting.

What does MCM not do? We don't manage your money for you, and we don't sell financial plans or investments. We also don't operate as a therapist, so we aren't going to fix deep-seated financial traumas. Financial coaching is an opportunity for you to gain clarity and control over your money, to acknowledge struggles and challenges, and make a plan that imagines a financial future that is in line with your values and goals.

How to get started: Fill out the contact form below or give us a call and we will follow-up with your 15 minute free assessment at no cost to you. There is no obligation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to meet in person? No. In-person coaching is currently unavailable due to COVID-19. Coaching is available during the day, evenings, or early morning. We strive to meet your busy schedule. Coaching is available via video conference or phone (video conference preferred).

Where do we meet? In-person coaching is currently unavailable.

Is it confidential? Absolutely. Money is a difficult subject for many of us to talk about and confidentiality is key. The only time confidentiality would be breached between the coach and client is if the client expressed the desire to cause imminent harm to themselves or someone else. In this situation, we are legally obligated to contact the proper authorities.

Is this like counseling or therapy? Nope. We don't dig into deep-seated issues or traumas. Our goal is to understand where you are now and how we can move you to the brighter future that you envision. If it does not appear that we can meet your needs, we will provide a referral when possible.

Is this like financial advising or management? Nope. We don't sell you anything, manage your money, or make a profit when you see improvement. We don't get access to your bank accounts or investment portfolios. We are not affiliated with other financial products or companies and, even if we recommend or refer you, we don't receive any monetary benefits from that recommendation or referral. If it does not appear that we can meet your needs, we will provide a referral when possible.

How much does it cost? There are two options. The first option is The Quick Fix, a 1-hour long session for specific questions or concerns. The Quick Fix is $50 per hour and is best for clients that have a specific issue, question, or topic that could be addressed in a single session. The second option is The Jump Starter. The Jump Starter includes four (4) 1-hour sessions, appropriate resources to support client progress, and a personalized financial plan. The Jump Starter is $200.

Can I bring my partner? Sure! We feel strongly that financial decisions for a household should involve the household. If you want coaching for you and your loved ones - whether married or not, or maybe you've got an extended family household - just let us know beforehand. There is no additional cost. 

Can I get financial coaching for my teenager? Sure! We are happy to work with youth to build financial skills early on before they leave home to start a household, family, and life of their own.