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Gain knowledge and practical skills through MCM's workshops. We offer a variety of topics throughout the year. See the list below for upcoming workshop topics, times, and availability. Click the "RSVP" button to reserve your spot. All workshop and webinar purchases are subject to our etiquette and cancellation and returns policies.

MCM strives to keep workshops small so that each participant leaves feeling like they've had their questions answered, gained knowledge and skills, and were able to get individual feedback where appropriate. In-person workshops are generally limited to 8-10 participants; webinars are generally limited to 15 participants. We encourage you to sign up early to secure your spot.


Do you direct a non-profit or run a business? We are pleased to offer a variety of trainings to organizations; contact us for pricing. Trainings MCM offers to non-profits and businesses:

  • LGBTQ' Cultural Competency

  • Discover Your Conflict Style

  • Communicating in Conflict

  • Navigating Political Conflict (during election seasons)

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event etiquette


MCM expects workshop and webinar attendees to be on time. Being "on time" is defined as arriving precisely at or before the stated workshop start time. We begin promptly at the stated time and will not wait for late registrants. This is a courtesy to other attendees and to ensure we can cover all our material in the allotted time. MCM is not responsible for covering material an attendee may miss if they are late.


Workshops and webinars are an opportunity to learn, but learning happens best when you actively participate, ask questions, and interact with your facilitator and other participants. We encourage all our workshop and webinar attendees to be active participants in their own learning.

General Decorum and Etiquette

1. Please keep our questions and comments relevant to the discussion topic.

2. We welcome difficult questions and topics. Sometimes our workshop content may be intellectually and emotionally difficult - be kind to others by actively listening, seeking empathy, and mutual understanding.

3. MCM values and seeks to champion a diverse world. We do not tolerate racism, classism, homophobia or heterosexism, misogyny, or other forms of identity-based hate and discrimination. Participants who overtly espouse these values in ways detrimental to others in the workshop or webinar will be asked to leave and will be ineligible for a refund or merchandise credit.

4. Do not interrupt others or speak over them. Let all participants share their responses, ask questions, and actively participate. 

5. Use the preferred name and pronoun of other participants and your workshop/webinar facilitator. For larger groups, name tags may be provided for participants.

cancellations and returns

Cancellations for Workshops and Webinars

We are so sorry you can't make it to your scheduled workshop or webinar, but we understand that schedules change. Refunds for workshops and webinars are available up to 24 hours before the start of your event. For example, if an event is scheduled for April 11 at 10 AM, you can cancel by April 10 at 10 AM. If the facilitator or MCM must cancel a workshop or webinar for any reason, a full refund will be provided to paid registrants.

Returns for Workshops and Webinars

We always strive to ensure our workshops and webinars meet their description and exceed your expectations! If your workshop or webinar did not achieve its stated purpose, MCM will provide either (a) a number of free tickets equivalent to the number purchased and attended for another event or (b) a single ticket for another event that is equivalent to the amount paid for the workshop or webinar. For example, if you purchased two tickets at $15 per ticket ($30 total), but it is discovered that workshop or webinar did not fulfill its stated description, you will be provided with two tickets worth $30 for a future workshop or webinar or you may elect to receive a single ticket to an event costing $30 or less.


In order to receive the credits for an additional event, you must contact MCM via email ( 72 hours after the end of your workshop or webinar and request a ticket credit. MCM will then verify that you attended the event and will contact you with more information.

If a participant was asked to leave a workshop or webinar or had to be forcibly removed from a workshop or webinar because they violated our "Etiquette" policy (see above), they are ineligible for a return or merchandise credit.

past workshops and webinars

Handling Conflict During the Holidays

Practical tips to move from fighting to giving thanks

November 14, 2020 10 AM - 11:30 AM EST

One and a half (1.5) hour webinar via Zoom

$15 per person; $25 for two people

Fall Tokens

No doubt about it. The year 2020 has tested all of our limits. We shared space, homeschooled, lost jobs or telecommuted from cramped and crowded corners of our home. It's an election year. 

As you look to your Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or whatever holidays you celebrate, are you looking forward to it? Or are you dreading the politics, the stress and strain of trying to avoid arguments? "Handling Holiday Conflict" is for all of us who could learn a few extra tips and tricks for managing difficult conversations and relationships during the holiday season. 

Zoom login details will be sent to registrants the day before the webinar.

Boxing Gloves

Discover Your Conflict Style

Learn how to harness your conflict style and improve your communication and responses during conflict.

Two (2) hour webinar via Zoom

$15 per person; $25 for two people

Everyone has a default response to conflict. Maybe you get angry and want to "win" every argument. Perhaps you try to avoid uncomfortable conversations that could provoke conflict with someone. Maybe you try to make everyone happy. Or perhaps you present the facts as you see them and try for the "middle ground" in reaching a solution.

You may be surprised to learn that there are five (5) conflict styles. Knowing our conflict style helps you identify your typical reaction to conflict and understand how others may react to conflict. In this workshop, participants will learn their primary conflict style(s) and effective tactics at managing conflict in their daily life. These principles are transferable to conflict with loved ones, conflict in the workplace, and many other contexts. 

Zoom login details will be sent to registrants the day before the webinar.


Three (3) hour webinar via Zoom

$20 per person; $30 for two people

The 'B' Word: Budgeting 101

The dreaded 'b' word: Budgeting! For many, the word 'budget' is associated with penny pinching, limiting yourself, and the boring task of working with numbers. For others, it feels like an impossible task. Maybe you're terrified of facing financial mistakes. Whether you're new to budgeting, trying to get your money under control, are revisiting your budget after a major life change, or coming to terms with a bad decision, this webinar is for you.


Budgeting empowers you to take control over your money. When you have a budget, you tell your money what to do and where to go. The 'B' Word is a webinar for you to learn the basics of budgeting. Participants will learn the basics of budgeting, identifying your 'why' for budgeting, draft a budget, and make a plan for possible problems that could arise. The 'B' Word empowers you to think about how your current spending links to long-term financial goals. 

This webinar will be held on Zoom, an audio-video platform. Participation will be limited to ensure everyone has an opportunity to ask questions and have those questions answered. Access to a computer is not required, but is highly recommended. Login details will be emailed to registrants before the event.

June 25, 2020, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM EST

Two hour webinar via Zoom

$15 per person; $25 for two people

Can I say that?

LGBTQ' Cultural Competency

Rainbow flag

Maybe you feel like you should be LGBTQ' inclusive, but aren't comfortable with the language or your level of understanding. Maybe you want to talk to loved ones about their identity, or confront someone about their bias against LGBTQ' folks, but don't know how to have those conversations. 

"Can I Say That?” is an invitation to learn about LGBTQ’ identities, gender and sexuality, and examine the role of bias and assumptions in our interactions. This workshop focuses on learning the terminology, basic do's and don'ts, and best practices in communicating in conflict where LGBTQ' identities or topics are involved.

*This workshop may be provided to businesses or nonprofits. Email for more information.